Unlike any other government; Unlike any other civilization in the history of time; We present this ground-breaking series on THE KINGDOM OF GOD. The mind of God and the underpinnings of eternity have come down out of heaven to earth; you hold within you the Kingdom of God. Many have been deceived into thinking that this walk in God was only about getting saved and being good, but there is so much more as you will discover through this series. There’s an entire government, welfare, and authority to which you are entitled; benefits, privileges, and capacities that are available in the Kingdom of God. You are ambassador with international and inter-galactic diplomatic powers.

Bishop Murphy thoroughly articulates a vital, conceptual understanding of what God’s intention has always been from the creation of mankind – That we would be rules in the earth as He is the ultimate Ruler of heaven. If your context is wrong then your conclusion is wrong, and so many wrong conclusions in the form of traditions have been passed down that have paralyzed the body of Christ from an active living faith. You have not been enlisted in some chump faith that is waiting for things to get better by-and-by; the Kingdom of God is a real, active, dynamic force in reality. It is waiting to be taken by force.

Once you understand God’s original intent for mankind and the order that He has designed, it will empower you to align all things in every sphere of life. The Kingdom of God is not about religion; it is the culture of God and of heaven. You will be missing the entire purpose of your life if you don’t have the understanding provided in this series. These volumes of inexhaustible teaching are the things of which legacy, success, and significance are established. Your children’s children and their children will rise up and call you blessed for having secured this knowledge and passed it down through your royal lineage.