Apostle Terrell’s “Relational Evangelism” serves as an equipping tool in sharing the gospel of salvation in an unashamed and bold thrust in order to win souls for Jesus Christ. As the Body of Christ we want to be mindful and aware that the world needs a Savior. They need to be invited to Church, they need to be in a Worship Community and they need to experience Jesus in their lives. This enlarges our responsibility to be witnesses of Jesus wherever we are.
Relational Evangelism teaches us that we must be willing to share and engage. We must first shift our mindsets and meet the world where they are. We cannot try to instantly make them no longer sin. But instead, we have to go to where they are in their thinking and actions. Be relational and aware of their sins, be sensitive, and then compassionate…This is what Jesus did! If you want to be equipped in making an impact to the Body of Christ, pick up this Relational Evangelism CD Series.