Are you a Doorkeeper? One who guards the entrance of a house or grants access. Or are you a Door-Proper? One who keeps the door cracked to allow entry to what does not have rightful access? The enemy, Satan, wants to enter into every open door in your life. “And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should RULE over it.” Genesis 4:7b (NKJV) Open doors allow other sins to come in and there are doors that we knowingly and unknowingly open by our actions, thoughts, and/or deeds. These are the things that defile (make unclean, soiled, or sully things) in our lives.
You have to guard your Spiritual door, by discerning spirits and habits that snare us, knowing and applying the Word and principles of God, how to block what is trying to enter your spiritual door and evict what has already entered. In guarding the door, you must progress in your spiritual development by establishing and maintaining a consistent walk with God.
In this cd series, Apostle Terrell Murphy teaches us practical ways to keep doors shut, how to identify and close the open doors in our lives and close the doors opened throughout our bloodlines. No longer do we have to be in bondage to the emotions, thoughts, deeds and actions that allow our spiritual doors to remain open to the adversary. Through this teaching learn how to be an effective Doorkeeper and guard your spiritual house.