Idolatry is the misappropriated worship of a person, place or thing that demonstrates a greater need for it to satisfy you more than God and the things of His Kingdom. These are highly detrimental to the individual when they are pursued in place of the Kingdom of God and its activity. This begins in the human heart whereby we crave, want, enjoy, obtain satisfaction and treasure someone or something more than God. This becomes an idol!
God expects from us our deepest and strongest affections and admiration. We are made to find our greatest joy and treasure in Him. Much of the focus of today’s church has replaced the pursuit of God with the pursuit of marketing, church growth strategies, activity, service, even productivity and success. This is not just the church, but within ourselves we exhibit the pursuit of leisure, careers, possessions and people to a place that is only reserved for God. This is Idolatry and it is stifling The Kingdom of God corporate, personal advancement and effectiveness.
In this cd series, Apostle Terrell Murphy teaches us how to expose this demon, overcome him and walk restoration, intimacy with God and see the glory of the Kingdom of God. Learn from this message and discover why God is resisting most of the Western Church.