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Apostle Terrell Murphy

Apostle is a part of the Statesmen’s Project Executive Team, an international movement centered in the utilization of practical biblical principles and models that solve specific community and national problems. He’s also a member of the Executive Council for the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (USCAL) which is a consortium of global apostolic leadership whose focus is to advance the Kingdom of God more rapidly and effectively. Lastly, he is the Founder of the OCCUPY Movement, which serves the body of Christ into the understanding and activation of New Testament patterns. Annually the OCCUPY, Movement serves the body of Christ, their leaders, their teams and congregation in a training and equipping setting, where many leave transformed and empowered with revelation of who we are (the church) and what it means to OCCUPY until He comes. 

Through his ministry, he’s become a staple for the work of a better city and surrounding area through his work with several local spheres of influence. Apostle Terrell believes that “To see the church aligned to the purposes and focuses of our Lord and His Christ is what will cause the kingdoms of this world to encounter and be influenced by our Lord”.

He is a native of Granite Falls, NC and graduate of Appalachian State University. Devotedly married to his wife Susan for over 30 years and together they are the proud parents of two sons, Samuel and Johnathan


Connecting and the need to connect socially is powerful.  At Life Center International we understand that the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences have more in common with each other than we may realize.  Because connecting is essential, we make it a service to those who fellowship with us. Who you are and what is important to you really does matter here.



To serve is critical to the growth of the local church; God has ordained it to be this way.  It causes the body of God to be in harmony, sharing the effort, creating necessary relationships and growing spiritually all for the benefit of the kingdom. When you serve it supports the undergirding of the culture of the kingdom of God as well as facilitate responsible growth. It is the key to the heart of God that all believers serve.


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